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Oregonian Jewelry Designer Traveler

About Naomi Enos Designs

Naomi Enos is a Jewelry Designer from Portland Oregon. She draws inspiration for her designs from the natural world. Organic soft shapes often reminiscent of succulents give her rings a comfortable day to day wear while large faceted or natural stones make them unique, glamorous, and fit for any occasion.

Naomi learned the art and technique of lost wax casting while attending Portland State University and took to it immediately. Using this technique means that every piece of jewelry created is one of a kind.  Naomi studied under a master metalsmith while slowly piecing together a studio of her own.

Her process is organic, finding stones that speak to her and then creating specific settings to exemplify those stones. From rings to earrings her pieces span the space of chunky and everlasting to elegant and classy, while often being all of those things at once. Take a look at the current collection to find out more.




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Clean Designs

NME Jewelry Designs are created to be smooth, clean and polished. Each piece is created with you in mind. Wear with any outfit and any occasion, you wont be dissapointed.

Everyday Comfort

Comfort fit ring bands ensure no loss of circulation and create a everyday fit. No worries about discomfort on long days at the office or a night on the town.

For Every Occassion

Timeless designs with bold silver casings ensure that you will have a great look for any occasion. Pair your rings or earings with any outfit and feel great about the image you are revealing to the world.


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